180 Squadron Is The BEST

Having been in the Royal Canadian Air cadets for about 3 and a half years now, I have come to the conclusion that 180 Mosquito Squadron is the best. For about 7 years in a row now, we have recieved top band and drill team...I Think. I love my squadron because we do things together and we work as a team. The NCO's there are really nice and are helpful. The officers there are really nice. The great thing about 180 is that we have high standards, therefore we help set a high standard within the air cadet community. I really enjoy working there. So far, we have had a Ottawa trip, Survival weekend and soon to come are the famous ski trips, march break trip, which is to Virginia and other cool Stuff. We basically meet every Friday at Glenview public school and we learn cool things. The only down things is that the inspections are really long. Other than that, I believe that 180 is the best All the WAY. Just last Friday, many people got promoted. I hope that you all do really well...Good luck to all the LACs, who may get promoted. Until then...BLAH.....Do not forget to sign up for Ski weekend and Combined training...

-Who's the best?
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